Ölmessstab - Öleinfüllschraube GY6 49ccm 139QMB/QMA

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Seal oil dipstick 18mm x 3mm O-ring oil filler plug GY6 139QMB/QMA
Seal oil dipstick 18mm x 3mm O-ring oil filler plug GY6 139QMB/QMA

Product Description

The NovaParts oil dipstick is an essential spare part for the standard GY6 engine (also known as 139qmb/qma) and is used for 50cc, 125cc and 150cc engines. It is used to accurately check the oil level and is supplied with an O-ring to ensure optimal sealing. With a total length of 116mm, this oil dipstick offers a precise measurement for your scooter. How it works: The dipstick allows the rider to check the oil level in the scooter's engine. By inserting the dipstick into the oil gauge hole, the current oil level can be read to ensure that the engine is sufficiently and correctly lubricated. Why should it be replaced: Replacing the oil dipstick is recommended if the existing dipstick is damaged or lost. A correct oil level in the engine is crucial for the performance and lifespan of the scooter. An intact oil dipstick enables reliable monitoring and maintenance of the oil level. Material and Durability: The NovaParts oil dipstick is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and reliability. Supplied with an O-ring, it ensures a good seal to prevent dirt or moisture from entering, thus ensuring the accuracy of the oil level measurement. Trust NovaParts for high-quality spare parts that improve the performance and reliability of your scooter. Invest in the oil dipstick to ensure precise control of the oil level and thus ensure optimal performance of your scooter.

Technical data

  • Total length approx. 116mm Delivery with O-ring (seal)
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