About Nova Motors

Nova Motors is an online shop for Scooters, Electric scooters, Electric vehicles, Accessories, Spare parts and On-site service. Behind nova-motors.shop is the Nova Group GmbH with headquarters in the small Town Eppingen Germany.

Our goal is to make buying a two-wheeler online as easy and convenient as possible. To achieve this, we address the specific requirements of a vehicle purchase and provide detailed information about the respective vehicle on each product page. In order to be able to see every little detail of a vehicle online, we create high-resolution 360 degree views of all vehicles. This means you can view the vehicle from every angle, just like in local shops. Our interactive hotspots are ideal for further information and impressions. If hotspots are available for the displayed vehicle, they can be activated on the product page using the corresponding button and then provide further information and videos about the displayed vehicle.

Thanks to our direct sales and our Germany-wide on-site service, we save ourselves an expensive dealer network and pass the resulting savings directly on to our customers. This enables us to offer our electric scooters or electric vehicles at reasonable prices. Of course, we still pay attention to good service in order to fulfill all customer wishes. Our standard shipping is free for all of our vehicles. And best of all, our vehicles are all delivered ready to drive and unpacked by our in-house shipping company. This means you can get on and drive off immediately after delivery.

We are also breaking new ground in the service area. Gone are the days when you had to find the nearest workshop yourself, make an appointment and drive there. Our on-site service is the mobile workshop that comes to you. Our workshop trolleys are equipped with all the necessary tools and machines, so all work on your electric scooter or electric vehicle can be carried out directly on site. No matter whether at home or at work. If you ever need a service, simply request it via our online shop and our service will contact you.

Our headquarters

Here we would like to briefly introduce you to our headquarters and explain how it works. Basically, this consists of four large areas, the vehicle warehouse, the spare parts warehouse, the assembly hall and our service center. We no longer have an exhibition room in the classic sense, our showroom is our online shop www.nova-motors.shop. If you would still like to buy your desired two-wheeler from us on site, you are welcome to do so after registering in advance. Simply write us an email  with the desired model and pick-up time. We will then contact you for further details.

The vehicle warehouse

This warehouse takes up the most space. An average of 2,000 vehicles are waiting here to be ordered and assembled. There is a lot of activity every day, ordered vehicles are removed and new vehicle deliveries are stored.  

The spare parts warehouse

Our spare parts and accessories for our vehicles are housed in a separate area . At least 30,000 spare parts are immediately available from stock, so we can guarantee an optimal supply of spare parts for every vehicle model. If a part is not in stock, we will get it quickly and easily directly from the respective manufacturer. Directly connected to the spare parts warehouse, the shipping department for parcels is here. Spare parts and accessory orders leave our premises daily from Monday to Friday via DHL. 

The assembly hall

Here our vehicles are assembled before delivery and on a performance test bench or checked during a short test drive. First, the partially assembled vehicle is lifted out of its packaging and placed on an assembly platform. Now comes the actual assembly and the first inspection of all functions according to a precisely defined checklist. For motor scooters, we fill a little petrol into the tank for further processing and prepare the vehicle for inspection on our dynamometer. Only when the vehicle has successfully completed all tests and no visual defects are visible will the vehicle be released and can be prepared for the actual delivery. Even after all tests, the amount of gasoline filled into our scooters is sufficient to drive directly to a nearby gas station after delivery.

The service center

This is where all communication with you (our customers) takes place. Our service employees not only answer inquiries by email and telephone, but also inform all customers when their vehicle will be delivered or when the requested inspection/maintenance will be carried out. In addition, orders from the online shop can also be picked up here or vehicles can be viewed by arrangement.